Marieke faces major surgery

Marieke faces major surgeryFilming of the project "Dances without rules" girl is so active in supporting the participants that had strained vocal cords.- With the voice really has some problems, " admitted Marika on tour in Rostov. - Think I'll go on vacation and the operation will still take place. I have a slight dysphonia ligaments, therefore, such a hoarse voice. However, friends tell me that the only husky added agreeable sexuality my voice, but I personally do not like it.In Rostov TV presenter Maria Kravtsova, better known as Marika, came for the next selection of the participants of the new season of the dance show. Rostov dancers were so incendiary that the media personality slipped and began to dance.Yielding to the universal dance mood, Maria Kravtsova admitted that he dreams to dance the tango with Pasha Will live.- We could do worse! - laughs the media personality. Source: Marieke faces major surgery. Читать полностью -->

Pamela Anderson sold almost all my stuff

Pamela Anderson sold almost all my stuffPamela Anderson sold things from one of their homes in Los Angeles. For sale the star of "Baywatch" put almost everything: furniture, dishes, lamps, trainer to train glutes and even your used underwear, according to the Star.The sale took place last Sunday in Malibu. All proceeds from it went in favor of the animal welfare organization PETA.Fans wishing to receive a "piece" of Pamela Anderson, met in advance at one of the Parking lots, where their vans were brought to the house. It turned out that Pamela good taste for expensive things. Among other things, the sale was a collection of exclusive interior from Rachel Ashwell, completely new maps for driving on the Golf course, fountains chocolate fondue, chandeliers, a large flat-screen TV, but without the power cord.Also on sale you can find jewelry, toys, bikes and even personals Anderson. The event was filmed for a reality show Pamela that should go on the channel E! this summer. Читать полностью -->

Natalie Portman fell in love with a hippie

Natalie Portman fell in love with a hippie One of the most stylish and sophisticated Hollywood Actresses Natalie Portman brought out her new boyfriend - personality somewhat unusual.Yesterday the paparazzi caught her walking around new York in a few unexpected company, the website Gossip Girls. In overgrown young man, entertaining in their hippie glasses recognized beauty, reporters learned folk-rock musician and songwriter Devendra of Banhart (Devendra Banhart). The couple enjoyed the fellowship, not paying attention to anything around (see our photo gallery).We will remind, more than half a year 26-year-old Portman met a friend of Jude law, Nathan Baglam. They parted several times and once again put up, but now their relationship is over.The Western press notes that Natalie explicit creative development. In February came the picture "Another kind Boleyn", where the main role played and she Scarlett Johansson, last Friday was the premiere of another film with the actress - "My Blueberry Nights" and critics have already praised. Also recently, Natalie Portman made her debut as a Director - she filmed one of the episodes in a series of short films "new York, I love you!". Читать полностью -->

Portrait of Heath Ledger received the art award

Portrait of Heath Ledger received the art awardPortrait of Heath Ledger, created shortly before the death of the actor in January 2008, received the audience award of the prestigious Australian art award.Ledger, who became famous for his role as the cowboy gay drama in 2005's "Brokeback mountain," died of an accidental overdose of prescription drugs in new York apartment on January 22 at the age of 28 years, reports Reuters.29-year-old artist and close friend actor Vincent Fantauzzo create their work in their hometown Ledger Perth. "I wanted this painting became a look inside yourself, into your consciousness and thoughts," said Fantauzzo.On the canvas, half-naked and brooding Ledger sits on a black ground and staring into space. On the sides of the figure are two double actors who whisper something in his ear. Picture of Fantauzzo was a finalist for the major Australian award in the field of arts, the Archibald prize, but the first seat. The lead went to the portrait of the artist, who has depicted himself with children.However, Australian Art gallery of New South Wales announced that the portrait of Ledger became the winner of the audience award, the winner of which is determined by votes of the exhibition of the Archibald prize at the gallery. More than 32 thousand people cast their votes for Fantauzzo, which brought the exhibition to the attention of a record number of visitors.Fantauzzo has turned down offers to sell the picture and stated that he had spoken to the family Ledger, which decided to give a picture of the Art gallery of New South Wales in Sydney.Note, for his short career, Heath Ledger starred in 18 films in the USA and Australia. Читать полностью -->

Keanu Reeves slightly unshaven, but in great shape

Keanu Reeves slightly unshaven, but in great shape Keanu Reeves came to Sydney to present his new film "street Kings". Was slightly unshaven - but still clearly in better shape than a few months ago.Again talked about how wants to play in a musical - the producers, pay attention already, finally! The guy wants a full set: sing, dance and show romantic feelings. Instead, he was again forced to play a tough guy: in "street Kings" he is a veteran of the L. A. p. Tom Ludlow, who reveals corruption in their own plot.The film is quite violent scenes, what Reeves admits frankly. Читать полностью -->

Top 99 most desirable women in the world

Top 99 most desirable women in the world Popular men's online portal has published its annual ranking, which involves the most beautiful, charming and attractive representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.Famous Actresses, athletes, models and singers compete with each other not only in beauty but also in the ability to show the character, talent and wit... However, our compatriots in the rankings presented very sparingly. Source: Top 99 most desirable women in the world (photos). . . . Читать полностью -->

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